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Vou've done a wonderful job at capturing Debra's expression on such a small canvas. It's sad people often dismiss these great tiny works just because of the small size of the full view here on DA.

I really like the fingerprint you've put in there, it being blood-red is a nice touch, as well. Blood in this show is something treated with special care, it's not just something gushing out of people's bodies when being killed, or splashed all over the place. Blood becomes something artistic in the show, something which brings order and creates a path for the detectives and our favorite serial killer/blood spatter analyst to find the bad guy. The fingerprint is, as we all know, a rather useful thing for cops to find the culprit; but blood, a few specks of blood is all Dexter needs to tell us a whole lot more, a story, a dance, a passion. Seeing them combined brings Debra, the cop, together with her brother, the blood spatter analyst (and also the culprit :p)

As mentioned before, you've done a wonderful job capturing her expression, and the hair just looks fabulous. Those eyes of her look just as beautiful even in black and white. However, the original atmosphere differs quite a lot from this final product. It is by no means a bad thing, since it gives the piece a bit more originality, however, choosing to use the same blurred background, it gives a different mood in black and white. It feels darker instead of dim afternoon light. The hair, as I've said looks wonderful, however the small strands, as I often see in works which include lost strands of nearly white hair, lacks a bit of dimension. I know from experience how hard it is to draw around to create those hairs, however, leaving them almost completely white leaves them looking a bit too thick. This is especially true comparing it to the rest of the hair, thus breaking the consistency, which in turn sort of breaks the harmony and illusion of the drawing. Making some ends of those hairs darker, and sometimes thinner, helps give them more dimension, as if they are coming from afar, getting close, and then maybe going away from us again. This is tough, though, and on a tiny canvas it's damn near impossible, however, judging tom how well you did many other details in this drawing, it is nothing beyond your capability.

What can I say? To me it had good impact, I could tell who that was, and the fingerprint reassured me which character I was supposed to be thinking of, beyond the actor, it is the character I see there. I see Debra Morgan, her unique expression, in a really smaaaaaaaall canvas!!!

It's probably not something most regular viewers would understand, however this is FAN ART, it's for the fans! Being a pencil artist, and big fan myself, I am quite impressed and more than pleased to see her depicted this beautifully :)
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Ilojleen Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013   Traditional Artist
First of all, I apologize for such a delay in responding on your critique. I've been in the middle of chaos for last weeks and I lack time for being at dA. Also, when I saw the length of your comment, I knew that my short "thank you" would be rather inappropriate!

So, thank you very much for taking your time to write such a though-out and flattering critique. I appreciate it, I really do! :huggle:
It's true people tend to not to care about ACEOs, what I find odd, because it's so hard to squeeze all the details on such a small piece of paper and if someone manages to do this, it's a masterpiece. Maybe my ACEO of Debra isn't abundant in details, but I think it turned out nicely :giggle: Except the white strands of hair, you're right about it. I could have done them better!

I decided that adding a bloody fingerprint would make a nice addition, since, as you had said, the show involves blood. What poor Debra did in the final episode of 7th season, makes her even more attached to this fluid :)

I'm glad you think I captured her eyes and facial expression properly! It was very hard, I refined they eyes a few times :faint:

I'm very pleased you said so many kind things about my fanart drawing of Debra! :aww: Once again, thanks a lot, your support is much appreciated :heart:
Have a wonderful day!
ErnestoVladimir Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, don't worry about it, we all have a little chaos in our life now and then. It's especially true in this day and age haha. You are most certainly welcome :hug:

An artist is never to be satisfied with their work, haha, it's that yearning for more that keeps us improving and moving forward, of course.

I haven't watched the whole 7th season yet! >____< Haven't had the time, but I will soon, good think you didn't really spoil anything haha :XD:

"I refined they eyes a few times" Haha, yes, I read that, which is why I paid special attention to those. You managed to do a good job, and I know it ain't easy correcting pencil, especially when subtlety can be ruined by a badly erased mistake!

Anyway, like I said, you're most welcome, and I hope you keep enjoying the beauty of drawing and continue to refine your skills for years to come :heart:
Ilojleen Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013   Traditional Artist
And I did it again... a very late reply :ashamed: I'm sorry again!

Sure, I couldn't agree more - being dissatisfied makes artists motivated :)

Oh, sorry! :XD: Hope I didn't spoil that much and you enjoyed the show. Have you already finished Season 7?

Thank you again for your kind comment :cuddle:
ErnestoVladimir Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It happens to all of us, don't you worry about it :)

No, you haven't spoiled anything at all, don't worry. I still haven't gotten around to watch beyond the third episode, hopefully I will soon!!!

It is completely my pleasure, and best of luck in your future work :) :hug:
Ilojleen Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013   Traditional Artist
Oh, I hope you are able to watch and enjoy the whole season soon :) Have fun! :hug:
Many thanks :iconcocoglompplz:
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